We opened the WOMEN FOR WOMEN out of Prague branch in Most on 1 June 2018. Located on Václav Řezáč Street in the headquarters of SEVen Energy, who provided us with the facilities, the office provides similar services as the Prague headquarters. The main projects and activities in the region include Supported Housing and Psychosocial Assistance with a presence across the Ústí nad Labem region. It is also possible to use the Social Counselling Centre and the Domestic Violence Counselling Centre. In cooperation with attorneys, legal counselling is provided here. It is also possible to make use of our national projects: Housing for Children, Lunch for Children, or even Relationship Service.  

In cooperation with the District Court in Most, we are implementing a project for qualified parents called Family Service. Its aim is to eliminate disputes between divorcing parents and, above all, to reduce the impact on their children. 

And, if dates are available, it is also possible to attend our educational programmes The Bridge and Conscious Parenting in Most. Both courses strengthen self-esteem, provide selfawareness and awareness of one's own abilities and skills, offer educational and personal development courses at reduced rates, and guide parents in the next steps of their new life journey.

Ing. Michaela Hostašová, Most Branch Manager

"Most is a beautiful region, but it faces many problems, including social ones. The opening of a branch thus seemed appropriate. In addition, the support that companies Vršanská uhelná and SEVen Energy have been providing to the region for a long time has had a synergistic effect with our activities."

Ivana Tykač, Founder and Director of WOMEN FOR WOMEN


We would like to thank all the partners and organisations we work with in Most.

General Partner

We are a member of Community Planning.

Since 2 April 2019, we have been a member of the Community Planning of Social Services Most KS2 - Persons and Families in Crisis and Prevention of Social Exclusion. The project website can be found here.

This coordination group meets several times a year. One of the meetings in 2019 took place at our WOMEN FOR WOMEN branch.

Because of this membership:

  • other organizations operating in Most know about us and are regularly present at these meetings (we gained several contacts there and met with representatives of the organizations at their offices todiscuss possible future cooperation) 
  • we know about the current problems that are being tackled in Most.


WOMEN FOR WOMEN, o.p.s. Branch office Most

Václava Řezáče 315, 434 01 Most

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