Ivana and Pavel Tykač, founders of WOMEN FOR WOMEN, o.p.s.

We are often faced with situations in life that we are not prepared for and that have the power to defeat us. In those moments, most of us have someone to rely on, someone to ask for help. But there are also those who have no safety net to fall back on. The circumstances are difficult for adults, let alone children, who often lose hope for a better tomorrow when confronted with such a challenge.

A complicated divorce filled with resentment, disdain, and grief can sometimes bring former partners to the brink of life and death. But the suffering of the children in crumbling relationships goes much deeper and has longer-term consequences that affect all areas of their lives.

We decided to establish the WOMEN FOR WOMEN charity to make such situations easier for children, the world's most precious and beloved beings. We are an institution helping single mothers, children, and complete families cross the bridge of uncertainty from a complicated past to a better future. We are an organisation that lends a helping hand where it is needed the most.

Extending a helping hand, providing help from the outside, can bring a much-needed impulse into the lives of children to change their attitudes and regain hope for a better life. And that is why we are here.

Ivana and Pavel Tykač, founders of WOMEN FOR WOMEN, o.p.s.