Parents, make your own decisions about your children's quality of life!
The aim of the project is to work with the courts to facilitate divorce proceedings so that they have the least impact on children.

Through education, counselling and mediation, we help divorcing parents find common ground in raising their children.

Cooperatin with the courts

Through the courts we have established a cooperation with, we enable the parents to benefit from the professional services in a form of educational lectures at the court, counselling services with the creation of a parenting plan, family mediation and therapy. Together with the courts, we create interdisciplinary teams whose work helps parents to reach understanding and thus eliminate the impact of their own divorce on their children.

In the framework of cooperation with courts, W4W provides funding and provision of professional services required in custody proceedings according to Section 474(1) and according to the proposed amendment to Section 389(3) of Act No. 292/2013 Coll., on Special Court Proceedings, i.e. fully in line with the state policy in this area. These professional services are free of charge for participants in guardianship proceedings. These are mainly educational seminars, as well as family mediation and therapy, or participatory counselling.

Family service: why did we start the project?

Relationships are complex, as is parenting. We are all still learning. Unfortunately, sometimes a parent's relationship reaches such a crisis that one parent (or both) files a petition in court regarding their children's lives.

  • The goal of the project is to keep divorcing parents from litigating over their own children. To let them (the parents) decide the future of their children and not let the judge decide. And above all, to make this difficult situation for everyone as little as possible for the children. Let's not forget them, because it is especially difficult for them when their family changes, and they need to understand the situation, know what is ahead of them and feel the love of both parents. Because even if the parents' relationship breaks down and they cease to be partners, they will always be parents. There is no reason for a child to lose one of their parents through divorce or separation. This is the basic premise and the most difficult task.
  • We know that parents need to be respected in their parental role, they need to know that they are both important to their child and that they both have an irreplaceable place in their child's life. Parents need support and help in learning to get along for the sake of their common child. They need to know that the responsibility is theirs and that it is not possible to delegate it to the courts or other institutions and rely on them to resolve the family situation for them.
  • This project is all about changing perspectives, focusing on de-escalating the dispute between parents and providing tools to help parents find their way.

For whom the project is intended:

For parents who have filed a petition with the court to modify their relationship with their minor children.

What the project offers:

The project offers education about what children need during family breakdown, counseling, therapy, mediation and the creation of a parenting plan.

Project Objectives:

For parenting couples to be able to talk to each other. Less conflict in families. Better interpersonal relationships. To minimize the impact on children. Decent break-ups/divorces in families with children.

Seminars for the expert public

Within the framework of the project, we hold regular seminars for the expert public in cooperation with the Permanent Conference of Czech Law and under the auspices of JUDr. Libor Vavra, President of the Union of Judges .

The aim is to provide involved experts - clerks, mediators, therapists, OSPOD (the Body for the Social and Legal Protection of Children) workers and others - with detailed information on how divorce takes place from a legal perspective. The seminars also include a discussion part where experts can share specific experiences on how to help parents to minimise the consequences of divorce for children. The seminars are led by JUDr. Jaromir Jirsa, Judge of the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic and Honorary President of the Union of Judges , and Mgr. Krystof Janek, attorney at law and vice-president of the Family Law Section of the Czech Bar Association.

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