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School lunch is not only a regular hot meal for children, but also a social event. We ensure that all children have an access to it.

W4W: Lunches for children; why have we launched the project?

The project W4W: Lunches for Children, implemented with the support of the Ministry of Education, is one of the projects of WOMEN FOR WOMEN, o.p.s. (W4W). It helps single parents who find themselves in a difficult life situation and cannot solve it themselves, but actively work to improve it. Even you can help!

The aim of the W4W: Lunch for Kids project is to help children whose parents cannot afford to pay for their children's lunches in school canteens. For these children, school canteen lunches can often be the only regular hot meal a day.

Thanks to the project, the children will not only get the healthy and balanced diet they need during their growing years, but they will also be protected against exclusion from their classmates - the school lunch is an important social event for children.

Project rules:

  • The children who need the help of the project are selected by the school itself.
  • The project account is transparent.
  • 100% of the funds from the transparent account go to school lunches for specific children only.

  • Children are guaranteed anonymity.
  • The money is paid directly to the school or boarding facility, not to the parents.
  • If parents repeatedly let lunches lapse, the child is dropped from the project.
  • Unused meal allowances are returned to the project account.

Who is the project intended to:

For children whose nutrition and integration into the community are threatened by their parents' economic issues.

What the project offers:

Payment of school meals for children whose parents are in a difficult financial situation and cannot pay for them themselves.

Project objectives:

Provide socially disadvantaged children with regular healthy meals and protection from social exclusion.

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