Let's help ensure safety and peace for children at home!

Every child deserves a dignified home, regardless of their background

Housing for Children: Why We Launched the Project

We seldom realize the significance hidden in the simple phrase "having a home." And we forget how many children don't have one. However, a home means more than just a roof over one's head. It also means a safe and peaceful place where children and parents can live without fear of the future. If parents, for any reason, find themselves in a difficult situation that has a significant impact on their existence and their children, the very safest and most crucial aspect—the home—may be at risk.

That's why we're implementing the Housing for Children project for single mothers and fathers. We assist single parents in securing and maintaining dignified housing while improving their overall situation and quality of life.

Securing stable housing is often an insurmountable challenge for single-parent families. As one-income households, they lack the means to pay rental deposits and are forced to resort to shelters or hostels. They also face time constraints, such as when leaving abusive partners and needing accessible and safe housing within days or weeks. Therefore, we provide rental deposit assistance and, when needed, supported housing.

We recognize that obtaining dignified housing and maintaining it is not easy. A integral part of the project is a comprehensive annual program that enables parents to take the first step towards stabilizing their difficult life situation.

The goal of the project is not just one-time assistance but a sustainable solution to the problems and challenges that families must overcome to provide children with a long-term safe and dignified home. ivamus ac leo pretium faucibus.

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Who the project is for:

The project focuses on assisting single mothers and fathers with children who are in a complex situation, actively want to address it, and strive for a quality and content life.

What the project offers:

A comprehensive annual program including rental deposit or supported housing, social and legal counseling, psychotherapy, and educational programs.

Project objectives:

Ensure a safe and dignified home for the children of single mothers and fathers. Throughout the annual program, help parents find a way out of their complex life situation.

The annual program includes:

  • Housing support: Depending on the need, we provide rental deposit assistance up to CZK 25,000 or supported housing (renting an affordable apartment) in Prague or Teplice for 1 year.
  • Free social counseling.
  • Free mediation for separating parents if needed.
  • Psychotherapy for children and adults (client co-payment is CZK 200/hour; if clients are active in the program, it can be provided for free).
  • Legal counseling or representation in custody disputes or debts (client co-payment is CZK 200/hour; if clients are active in the program, it can be provided for free).
  • Educational

Steps to a Better Future for Your Children

Conditions for Applying to the Annual Program of the Housing for Children Project

We believe that all the following conditions are achievable. If you currently do not meet any of the conditions, please contact us later. These conditions also serve as rules for our collaboration throughout its duration.

Important Information

  • Rental deposit is refundable: The provided contribution will be returned to the transparent account of Women for Women, o.p.s., after the end of the rent. If the client does not cause the termination of the rent by violating the rental agreement, they can reapply for a deposit contribution.
  • We reserve the right not to pay the rental deposit to approved applicants if the provided rental or subrental agreement does not meet our requirements.
"The W4W: Housing for Children project in 2022-2023, as part of the annual partnership, is supported by MONETA Money Bank, a.s."

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Vlastislavova 152/4, 140 00 Prague 4
Free contact line for emergencies! 800 811 111

Mgr. Lenka Boháčková

Coordinator of the Housing for Children the Social Counselling Centre

Bc. Tetiana Fizer

Coordinator of the Housing for Children project