Support our project Housing for Children – Security Deposit

1) Donate to the transparent account


Movements and balance of funds on the account are public and you can track them here on the bank’s website.

  • Each donor can check the records of movements – donations and payments – on our account.
  • All funds from the account are directly used for payment of security deposits for single parents. The operation of the project is financed from other sources.

Why support the “Housing for Children – Security Deposit” project? Single parents are at the greatest risk of poverty. The security deposit is often extremely high. This prevents single parents and their children from obtaining stable and safe housing. For this reason, they are forced to stay in shelters, accommodation facilities, or temporarily with friends. 

Confirmation of receipt of the donation for tax purposes/donation agreement: We will happily issue a proof of your donation for tax purposes at your request. Contact us at Your details or details of your company. We will immediately send you the proof of donation or we can arrange a donation agreement together.

2) Contribute via


The amount of your donation will be credited to the W4W: Housing for Children – Security Deposit transparent account within 1 week after the transfer of funds pursuant to the terms of the portal DARUJME.CZ, i.e. after charging an operating fee for the mediation of the donation equal to 2% of the donated amount. If you would like the full amount of your donation to be used to support the W4W: Housing for Children – Security Deposit project, please choose one of the other methods and donate directly to the project’s transparent account.

3) Contribute directly to the transparent account via QR code

If you use internet banking on your mobile phone, you can load one of the QR codes below and use the pre-filled details to make a one-off donation of your choice.

QR code for donating CZK 500

QR code for donating CZK 250

QR code for donating CZK 50

The QR code is easy to read by entering the transparent account number, and you can of course check the amount and message in online banking and adjust or change the payment to a regular one. Thank you!

We recommend cash deposits to our account at Raiffeisenbank cash desks only if the amount is higher (e.g. a collection from colleagues for a company event, etc.). This is because it involves a fixed fee, which can be relatively high for smaller amounts in relation to the amount of the contribution.

In Prague on 23 September, 2022

WOMEN FOR WOMEN, o.p.s. has assessed that some payments have been received in its transparent account that were not intended as donations to the Housing for Children - Security Deposit project.

WOMEN FOR WOMEN, o.p.s. has decided to return all such payments and send them to the accounts from which they were received. WOMEN FOR WOMEN, o.p.s. is currently consulting with Raiffeisenbank a.s. and the Police of the Czech Republic to ensure that the legal obligations of WOMEN FOR WOMEN, o.p.s. are not violated or the rights of third parties are not harmed.

We regularly check the effective use of your donations:

  • One hundred per cent of your donation goes towards housing for single parents and their children.
  • We always pay the security deposit directly to the flat owner’s account.
  • The applicants must submit an overview of their income. This will ensure that they have the necessary funds to pay the rent. Therefore, the security deposit will not be forfeited to the landlord.
  • The applicants must submit a recommendation from the social worker responsible for their case. Lease and sublease contracts for which we pay the security deposit are carefully checked by our lawyers.
  • They also check the landlord and consult the Land Registry.We also check who will be living in the flat. The security deposit contribution is intended only for single parents with children.
  • After termination of the lease, the provided security deposit will be returned to our transparent account. If the termination of the lease is not caused by the client’s breach of the lease contract, he/she may apply for the security deposit again. We want to make sure that your money is used only for a security deposit for housing purposes even after the termination of the lease.

Thank you for caring and helping people with us!  

Proof of donation


Upon request, we will be glad to issue a donation receipt acknowledgement for tax purposes. We also issue annual summary certificates (for a calendar year) documenting your support of this project.

Execution of the donation agreement

We will be happy to draw up a donation agreement for your company regarding your support of the project and the payment of security deposits for parents with children in need. Do not hesitate to contact us at or use the contact form for consulting a planned donation or receiving a draft donation agreement.

Proof of donation / donation agreement form:

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