Security Deposit Payment Application

If you wish for your security deposit for rent to be paid from the Housing for Children – Security Deposit project, please contact us using the contact form below:

Your personal data will only be used for the purpose of resolving your enquiry. Personal Data Processing Policy.

Application for payment for a security deposit for rent

The application must be accompanied by specific documents; we cannot process the application without them. You can find the list of required documents below. Fill in the application only when you have the documents available (upload their copy to the application form):

1. Recommendation report from a social worker – mandatory document

The recommendation report may be provided by a social worker from a body for social and legal protection of children (in Czech: OSPOD) or some other organisation. You can find the form here.

2. Confirmation of income – mandatory document 

Confirmation from the Labour Office on non-utilisation of extraordinary immediate assistance to cover a necessary one-off expense. The form needs to be validated by the Labour Office. You can find a template here.

Employment contract with an overview of income – payslip or itemised salary statement.   

3. Consent to transfer of personal data to the project Znesnáze21 – optional document

We cannot help everyone, which is why we co-operate with the endowment fund Nadační fond pomoci – Znesnáze21. They can set up a public collection if your security deposit application is rejected by us.

Do you want us to submit your application along with your story to Znesnáze21 if we do not approve it ourselves? Please fill in the consent form and insert the signed copy directly in the online application.

We will transfer to Znesnáze21 only the data and information contained in your security deposit application. Znesnáze21 will then contact you regarding the details for setting up the collection.

Please note – approval of the contribution does not automatically entitle you to get the security deposit:

If your security deposit application is approved, we will ask you to submit a lease or sublease contract for the flat where you want to use the security deposit. However, the lease contract must meet the conditions of our programme and we will check its compliance. WOMEN FOR WOMEN, o.p.s. reserves the right not to pay the security deposit to the applicant if the lease contract does not meet the programme conditions or contradicts them (the lease contract must be concluded for residential purposes, for an appropriate term of the lease, and must specify all persons living in the leased premises) or if it is ascertained that the applicant’s situation has changed substantially. If the applicant has already entered into a lease contract, WOMEN FOR WOMEN, o.p.s. may require that he/she provide a confirmation that he/she has no outstanding rent or advance payments for services at the time of assessment of the application.