Ways to contribute to the project
W4W: SOS to Kindergarten

1) Donate to the transparent account


• With a one-time order

• Standing order

We recommend making a cash deposit to our account at a CSOB branch only if the amount is higher (e.g. a collection from colleagues for a company event). This is because it involves a fixed fee, which can be relatively high for smaller amounts in relation to the amount of the contribution.

Are you hesitant about how much to contribute? To give you an idea, one day of school eating costs 55 crowns. The cost of one month of school lunches for one child is around 1,200 crowns, which means up to 12,000 crowns for the whole school year.

We recommend that you include the name of the donor in the "Message to the recipient" field of the bank transfer, so that we know who is donating to us. We will also appreciate your message to the project or the children.

We do not need to specify the variable symbol of the payment, every Czech crown in the account goes directly to the payment of the children's meals. The operation of the project is paid separately from other sources.

You can check the money transfers, and therefore your contribution, on our transparent account HERE.

2) Donate through the payment gateway Darujme.cz


The amount of your donation will be transferred to the transparent account of W4W: SOS to Kindergarten within 1 week of the transfer of funds according to the terms and conditions of the portal Darujme.cz, i.e. after charging an operating fee of 3,7 % of the donated amount. If you would like the full amount of your donation to be used to support W4W: SOS do Kindergarten, please choose one of the methods above and donate to the transparent account of the project.

3) Contribute directly to the transparent account via QR code

If you use internet banking on your mobile phone, you can load one of the QR codes below and use the pre-filled details to make a one-off donation of your choice.

QR code for donating 500 CZK

QR code for donating 200 CZK

QR code for donating 50 CZK

Entering the transparent account number will make reading the QR code easier, and you can of course check the amount and message in online banking and adjust or change the payment to a regular one. Thank you!

Thank you for caring and helping people with us!  

Acknowledgement of receipt of your donation

Upon request, we will be happy to issue you with an official acknowledgement of receipt of the donation for accounting and tax purposes, based on your personal data. We will also issue summary receipts for the calendar year for the support of this project.

Conclusion of the gift agreement

We will be happy to issue a donation agreement for your company to support the project and pay for school fees for needy children. Please feel free to contact us at info@sosdoskolky.cz or via the contact form for a consultation on your planned gift and a draft donation agreement.


Gift certificate

Make the recipient happy and donate to W4W: SOS for Kindergarten. To order, please contact us at info@sosdoskolky.cz or via the contact form and enter the desired amount and the name of the donor to be mentioned on the certificate. Once the amount has been credited to our account and payment has been checked, we will deliver the "Donor Certificate" electronically or by post.

Employee, company or team gift

Would you like to contribute to W4W: SOS to Kindergarten as part of your employee team, on behalf of your company, at the kindergarten with your children, with your friends in a sports team or on behalf of your sports or cultural project? In this case you will also make us happy and especially the children in need! Send the total amount to our account exactly the same as the individual donor. However, if you need any of our cooperation, such as, in particular, a donation confirmation or a donation contract, or if you would like to give us a more official donation (e.g. at a social event and with a cheque), please let us know, we will arrange everything necessary.

Client program

Would you like to donate to W4W: SOS to Kindergarten on behalf of your clients who buy your products or use your services? Feel free to contact us at info@sosdoskolky.cz or via the contact form and provide us with basic information and your idea, according to which we can prepare a customized corporate program.