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Lunches for children

Lunches for Children helps children who find themselves in situations where their parents cannot afford to pay for their school lunches. The assistance to needy children is provided directly through primary schools on the basis of a donation contract so that the lunches actually reach the children, do not further complicate the parents' situation and the assistance cannot be misused. More about Lunch for Children here.

SOS to Kindergarten

The aim of the project is to help children whose parents cannot afford to pay for their children's meals in kindergarten. Thanks to the project, children will get the healthy and balanced diet they need during their growing years. At the same time, their pre-school education will be secured, as nutrition is usually one of the conditions for attendance. More about SOS to Kindergarten here.

Housing deposit

Help for children and their single parents who, due to their difficult financial situation, need help with a housing deposit to secure a decent home. The aim of the project is to financially support specific single parents and to enable them to obtain a safe and decent home by means of a deposit contribution of up to CZK 25,000. More about the Housing Deposit here.